2 Minutes Animal and Farm Stories

‘2 Minutes Animal and Farm Stories’ transports the reader to the fascinating world of nature and talking animals. These captivating stories of the beautiful life, innocent fun, unspoken values, grave dangers, and daring adventures enrich the learning experience of the budding readers. Birds and beasts – the motifs used in these stories help explore everyday human experiences and focus on values like love, generosity, compassion, loyalty, thoughtfulness, selflessness, uprightness, sincerity, hard work and many more.

Author: Hilary Roper
Illustrator: Buttercup Publishing
Age: 5-7
Pages: 64
Size: 216mm × 295mm
Binding: Padded Hardcover with Glitter, UV and Hot Stamping
Publication date: 31 October 2018 - Stock Available
ISBN: 9781912422401

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