Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020

In 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair will be held from 26th to 29th March as a four-day event in Bologna, Italy. Bologna Book Fair is a highly regarded event, popular for showcasing products and services related to the field of digital media, publishing, and licensing, along with discovering new market trends in children’s book industry. Not only this, but the important authors and illustrators in children and young adults book industry, also participate in this prestigious event. Like every year Buttercup Publishing will be a part of 2018 session as well.

Having received tremendous response last year in the form of orders, and enquiries, Buttercup Publishing will be back to showcase the latest collection of children’s books titles in this event. Complementing the vision of the fair, Buttercup publishes books which cater unique and diverse audience. With its participation in 2018 fair, Buttercup wishes to take its legacy of publishing creative content a step further.

We at Buttercup publications are dedicated to the cause of promoting the culture of reading. To further this cause, we offer a diverse range of books for children aged between 3-10 years. Book Fair gives us an opportunity to exhibit all our titles under one roof to the book lovers from around the world. It is a place where we can directly meet our audience and get feedback from them. Bologna Child Book Fair is one such book fair where we have always got a very good response from our customers.

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair attracts avid book readers from across the globe who come under one roof so that their eyes can feast upon the wide range of books available at the book fair. The benefits of reading can never be undermined throughout the lives of children. The knowledge that they gain through books will be with the children and aid them all their lives. A book fair can help foster the love of reading in children that would last their lifetime. Seeing lots of interesting and attractive books all around them will definitely get the young readers excited to hold a book and read it, even the ones who are not particularly fond of reading.

Buttercup publications offer books that are based on diverse topics ranging from environment, value education, conflict resolution, bullying, overcoming fear and so on. We have coloring books, activity books, go green books, books that reinforce reading, fairy tales, encyclopedia, story books and many more. The content of these books has been developed carefully by experts in the field of book publishing company in UK (London). Our beautifully designed books are created after a lot of study and analysis of various factors including the book market, what the children would want to read, what the parents would want their children to read, and what all the children need to be taught.

Bologna Book Fair is a place which brings together lots of books and the various people connected with the publishing world to a huge audience of readers. The book fair commemorates and exhibits books from various view points and gives us chances to advocate our books to the young readers who would be very much interested in them. It helps us to showcase our existing and new titles to a lot of readers and to boost the publicity and sales of our books. Year after year at the Bologna Kids/Baby Book Fair, the hardcore book readers anxiously wait to treat their minds to a bountiful of books. While it is a retreat for the young readers, at the same time the fair also holds the assurance to make the people not so interested in reading to fall in love with reading. It is necessary for the young readers and for the nourishment of their minds to not only read their course books but, also to indulge in reading different kinds of books that give them vast knowledge on various topics.

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