The London Book Fair 2020

The London Book Fair is a publishing trade fair which is held every year in London. This fair serves as a market place for buying and selling of rights and licenses in publishing industry in various forms like print, audio, TV, film and other digital channels. It is a global event attracting exhibitors of the publishing industry from all over the world.

What distinguishes this fair in its field is that there is an open and face to face interaction among the buyers and sellers across all the segments.This three-day event, which brings together over 60 sixty countries from all over the word, is an opportunity to meet new clients and make books deals.

Buttercup Publishing participates every year in this cultural gathering, and 2019 will be no exception. This fair has been a perfect platform to build brand awareness and showcase our new products in children’s books segment. In all the years during its participation, Buttercup has successfully managed to reach new customers, make new business arrangements, and increase its sale by participating in this event as an exhibitor.

London Book Fair is a two day event from 12-14 March 2019. This book fair has given us a good amount of recognition in the international market. We at Buttercup Publishing would be showcasing our latest books in addition to our existing range of books in the London Book Fair 2019. This children book fair is the perfect place for us to make our presence felt in the international book market. We offer books on diverse latest topics for children of classes Pre-primary to VIII. Further, the books that we offer are full of activities to stimulate the young minds. These books teach the children about many basic and complex concepts of life in an easy and fun way which the children find entertaining rather than finding them boring.

The importance of book fairs can never be undermined even with the advent of e-books and other electrical devices that have given many other options to the children of present times. Book fairs still hold their charm and are a great place for book lovers where they get to see an abundance of books at one place. It is a place where all the book lovers can connect with the best of books. Book fairs also help in the promotion of reading and in developing it as a habit among the younger generation. Reading has plenty of benefits and once the children start reading, this good habit remains with them all their lives. Reading is a precious form of educating oneself and the best way to fill in your time, and it would also give you a refreshing break from the day to day activities of your lives. Reading provides us with a more wide range of information and it also provides us with an awareness of various cultures and ways of living and that can help us to learn the good things from other cultures.

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