Stories for Kids – 2 Minutes Bedtime Stories

Published on June 16, 2020

Interest in reading for a middle schooler can be a challenge. Sometimes it can be tough to finish a thick novel on time, especially when you are school year is going to end. Where your attention and reading spam is running short.

Short stories always good is a good choice to read instead of a thick storybook. These stories are a bit engaging and meaning full as the novels.  Buttercup Publishing has understood this requirement of readers. They published their new series “2 Minutes Stories”.

There are 6 books of 32 pages and each book is having 30 short stories for kids. There are lots of stories for kids and different topics like 2 Minutes Moral Tales, 2 Minutes Fairy Tales, 2 Minutes Bedtime Stories, 2 Minutes Princess Stories, 2 Minutes Farm stories, and 2 Minutes Animal Stories.

Hilary Roper author of these stories has done fabulous writing in these books and these beautifully illustrated books will engage. Given below are some more details about the books, please explore and enjoy the reading of short stories.

2 Minutes Bedtime Stories

2 Minutes Bedtime Stores

2 Minutes Bedtime Stores

This fantastic collection introduces some of the best-loved characters from the world of fairy tales. Each 2-minute tale brings to life through beautiful illustrations. Your love for reading starts right here with these delightful stories.


Product Details

Author:  Hilary Roper

Illustrator: Buttercup

Ages: 6-8

Size: 32

Binding: Paper Back(Soft cover) with Glitter, UV and Hot Stamping on cover

Published on: October 2018

ISBN: 9781912422333


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