Stories for Kids – 2 Minutes Moral Tales

Published on June 15, 2020

Maintaining an interest in reading for middle schoolers can be a challenge. Sometimes it can be tough to finish a thick novel on time, especially when the school year is coming to an end, and when your attention span is running short.

Short stories are often a good choice over a long, bulky book. These stories are as engaging and meaningful as novels. Buttercup Publishing understands what readers really want through their new series 2 Minute Stories.

Across the six books of 32 pages are 30 short stories for kids. There is a wide range of topics covered, including:2 Minute Moral Tales, 2 Minute Fairy Tales2 Minute Bedtime Stories2 Minute Princess Stories, 2 Minute Farm stories, and 2 Minute Animal Stories.

Hilary Roper, the author, writes beautifully, and the captivating illustrations will certainly engage readers. Explore these books in more detail below.

2 Minutes Moral Tales

2 Minutes Moral Stories

2 Minutes Moral Stories

This thoughtful and amusing collection encourages children to think about essential values. Each 2-minute tale is illustrated beautifully and sensitively told. Your love for reading starts right here with these entertaining stories.
Product Details
Author: Hilary Rooper
Illustrator: Buttercup
Ages: 6-8
Size: 32
Binding: Paper Back(Softcover) with Glitter, UV and Hot Stamping on cover
Published on: October 2018
ISBN: 9781912422364

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