The Best Fairy Tales for Kids

Published on June 19, 2020

Every kid likes fairy tales and I don’t think that there anyone who doesn’t like these classic fairy tales. Over the generations we are reading them and loving them, there truly is nothing like them.
Your children’s library is incomplete without these classic stories. Almost every kid loves the classic fairy tales and wants to have one copy of the book in their library. These are the best stories for kids and they really love to read them.
You must have seen your kids laying on the floor and enjoying reading the fairy tales. Truly you become a part of these stories when you read them. Today we will discuss the top 10 Fairy Tales for kids in our blog and from where you can have them.




Cinderella Classic Fairy Tales

Cinderella – Classic Fairy Tales


Most of us have must read this amazing girl story that got a wish from the fairy godmother and wants to go on a date with a dazzling prince in a ball party who tracked her by her single lost glass slipper. This amazing story is written by French writer Charles Perrault in 17th Century, according to the well-respected scholarly website Sur La Lune Fairy Tales,
Author Emily Bevens has rewritten this story for Buttercup Publishing London Emily is a young, new, children’s author and aspiring illustrator and novelist who resides in Bristol, UK. The prospect that her written words influence a reader to experience many emotions is what excites and drives her writing.
Illustrator “Monica Garofalo was born, lives and works in Trento, a city in northern Italy, and deals with illustration and graphics. She worked for ten years for a Roman publishing house as an illustrator and editorial graphic, with the publication of various illustrated books for children. she is also involved in creative workshops for children, both in public events and in summer facilities, and currently teaches adults a vectorial illustration, graphics, and visual communication, at companies and for private individuals.

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